Top 10 Team Building Activities for Corporate Team Bonding in London

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It’s hard to overstate the importance of corporate team bonding. The people you regularly work with hold the keys to your group success, and open communication, great levels of trust and reliability, and being able to have fun together are all vital components of top quality teamwork and team cohesion.

Heading out of the office for the day - or even just for a couple of hours - to take part in team bonding games and activities is never a bad idea. Not only do such activities break up the monotony and provide plenty of opportunity for laughter and memorable moments, they also help teams build upon their foundations, uncover new skills and abilities, and strengthen the ties between individual team members. Whether you’re looking for exciting escape room ideas in London, classes to partake in as a group, or something completely out of the ordinary, there are plenty of fantastic options to choose from in the capital.

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The best team bonding exercises tend to be those which combine plenty of laughs, serious transferable skill usage, and the opportunity for hierarchies to be flattened and common goals to be reached. That’s potentially why activities like Escape Rooms have had such success for corporate teams; they manage to provide a clear, identifiable goal (escape rooms are all about obtaining your freedom from a locked space), and require teamwork, individual skills and talents, great communication, and lateral and logical thinking in order to achieve it. What’s more, they’re bags of fun, and they’re a real chance to get together and enjoy being away from the desk for a while.

Team Building Activities

We’re very lucky in London to have such a wealth of fantastic away days, team-building activities, and innovative ways of working on those all-important communication, collaboration, and leadership skills. Here at Eventwise, we’re all about coming up with original, wacky, and enjoyable methods for bringing teams together, and allowing them to explore their bonds and connections while improving team cohesion. Over the years, we’ve curated and developed a massive range of exciting and unique activities and games, each of which has been designed to take teamwork to the next level… and we never get tired of seeing the results of our activities making a real difference to workforces all across the capital.

This week, we thought we should take a closer look at ten of our favourite activities designed to improve team bonding, and consider what it is about them that makes these games so effective.

Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms are a fantastic way to encourage team effectiveness and develop bonding. A team finds themselves locked in a room, and they have just one objective: to find a way of breaking out, and regaining their freedom. In order to do so, they must utilise their lateral thinking skills, their teamwork abilities, their knowledge, and their ability to solve clues and work out puzzles. Thrilling, high-pressure, and perfect for getting teams to come together as a single unit for a single goal, Escape Rooms can have a lasting impact on communication channels and morale. After all, nothing beats the feeling of getting through the challenge, and celebrating as a group once you’re back out in the open!

escape rooms

It’s a Knockout

Readers of a certain age will be able to remember the riotous irreverent fun that It’s a Knockout brought to our TV screens. Well, now you’re able to relive your childlike glee with your team members, thanks to the Eventwise version of the ultimate wacky game show!

Boasting a wide range of inflatable obstacles, mini challenges, and crazy activities, you’ll be able to have an memorable day out with your team members as you get stuck into the It’s a Knockout tournament, and have a go at a handful of activities which are sure to bring about plenty of laughs. With team-building events, individual games, and head-to-head competitiveness, this team bonding activity really has it all!


Creativity is an essential part of team work, and this wonderful bonding activity is perfect for not only bringing out team members’ creative sides, it also teaches a vital lesson that makes a real difference in every workplace: it’s always important to look at the bigger picture.

In this brilliant game, everybody gets split into teams, who then have to create a small component of a literal ‘bigger picture’. However, none of the teams know what that picture is going to be until the end, and they have to work together, communicate clearly, and share their resources in order to figure it out. The results are always incredible impressive, and this activity definitely gets ideas flowing while clearly demonstrating the importance of collaboration, communication, and pulling together to achieve a common goal. What’s more… who doesn’t love messing around with paints and craft materials?


Bubble Football

If you’re on the lookout for team bonding activities in London which definitely go against the grain, and celebrate their wackiness, then you’ve come to the right place, because Bubble Football is about as crazy as it gets! Imagine running around a pitch with your colleagues or fellow team members, attempting to score goals while encased in a zorb-like ball… if that doesn’t open new channels of communication and lower everyone’s inhibitions, then nothing will! It’s fun, utter mayhem, and it’s something everyone can get involved with - exactly what a great team needs from time to time!

Bubble Football

GPS Treasure Hunt

Who doesn’t love the unique, challenging thrill of a well-planned treasure hunt? The Eventwise GPS Treasure Hunt is a fantastic day out, which involves some orienteering skills coupled with a wide range of superb games and challenges to tackle along the way. You’ll be kitted out with an iPad, and you’ll need to move from hotspot to hotspot around the city. At each location, you’ll be required to undertake a task (and prove you did so with plenty of photos!), and you’ll even be able to track your opponents’ progress as you go. Once everything is completed, it’s back to HQ where you’ll be able to watch a finale composed of the photos and data you created on your mission. It’s fun, engaging, a great way to boost morale out of the office, and an activity that’s absolutely ideal for tightening team bonds.

The Bear Grylls Survival Challenge

OK, you’re not going to be required to chow down on raw meat and insects, nor are you going to be required to drink anything nasty. However, the Bear Grylls Survival Challenge is a massively effective and fully immersive team building experience, which has the potential to make a significant difference to the bonds in your team. What’s more, it’s a chance to get out into the great outdoors, enjoy some fresh air, and pick up some transferable skills (as well as some skills you probably won’t need in the workplace but which may well come in handy one day). 

This activity involves teams heading out into the wilderness with a professional survival guide, and pitting themselves against nature and the elements Bear Grylls-style. It’s fun, unusual, and perfect for bonding and communication, and it’s definitely not your average day at the office!

Cook For The Homeless

Cooking challenges and lessons are always brilliant for team bonding and developing a range of important skills. Precision, delegation, communication, multitasking… all of this and more is key to the running of a successful kitchen. However, this particular activity session isn’t just about feeding yourself and your teammates, it’s also about giving something back to the community, and helping out those in need.

It’s an activity of two key parts: on the one hand, you’ll be learning how to cook a selection of delicious Asian dishes, and how to work with plenty of fascinating ingredients. On the other, you’ll be making double of what your team will be eating, due to the fact that the excess will be going straight to homeless charities in London. It’s the perfect opportunity to think about those less fortunate than ourselves, while also spending an enjoyable day picking up tips from an expert chef - it really doesn’t get much better than that!

Pub Olympics

Everyone loves good old fashioned pub games and contests, and this activity revels in some absolute classics which participants will surely have some fond memories of. Whether you decide to enjoy these games in a pub or another type venue, it’s a brilliantly laid-back and inclusive way of having some fun with your teammates, and bringing out some healthy competition while vying to become the pub olympic champion!

Operation Chinatown

If you’ve ever enjoyed escape room ideas in London, but felt the challenges could have been improved with a foodie twist, then Operation Chinatown is going to put a massive smile on your face! Half treasure hunt, half cookery class, this activity involves exploring a side of the city you might not have scratched beneath the surface of, and uncovering some fascinating treats in the process. 

Teams are given a map, a shopping list, and the money they need to pick up authentic Chinese ingredients in London’s Chinatown, and have to race against the clock to pick up all the goodies required for a big oriental cook-off. They’ll then need to head back to the kitchen, and work as a team to prepare a real Chinese three-course dinner… which, of course, will be shared and enjoyed with your colleagues. It’s fun, it’s frenetic, and it’s a fantastic bonding exercise which will bring out new skills, enhance already established ones, and help you work together to reach a delicious goal!

operation chinatown

Circus Skills

As children, we were all wowed by the incredible talents of circus performers whenever they came to town. This away day with Eventwise allows you to live out some childhood dreams of becoming a juggler, a tightrope walker, or an acrobat, by picking up some amazing new skills under the tuition of a professional circus teacher. 

This event is all about achieving what you never imagined you could do, and encouraging your fellow team members to push themselves to do the same. With a wide range of classic circus skills to try, who knows what talents you might uncover?

Mega Mix Fun Day

Sometimes, to achieve the best results from your team bonding day, you’ve got to mix everything up and provide a whole range of activities to try. That’s the ethos behind our Mega Mix Fun Day - it’s a sort of ‘greatest hits’ of team building events and games, plucked from the extensive back catalogue of what Eventwise does best. Your team will get to try out a brilliant selection of fun activities, while building upon their communication skills, their leadership abilities, their connections with each other, and plenty more besides. 

Best enjoyed in the summer months, this activity day presents loads of opportunities to get out in the fresh air and have lots of fun, followed by a few drinks and a barbecue. If that doesn’t help with team bonding, then nothing will!

Team Bonding in London Activities That Bring About Real Results

This selection of top-quality team bonding activities are all about getting out there, trying something new, and improving morale and relationships among your working group. Sometimes, we forget that our teams are all made up of individuals, each of whom have their own skills and abilities, and who are waiting for their chance to shine. These away days provide the opportunity to not only come together as a group and have fun, but also to have the chance to show each other another side of yourselves, and enjoy experiences which can really improve team bonds and working environments. 

At Eventwise, we see first-hand every single day what a big difference these sessions and activities can create, and we take massive satisfaction in helping teams form bonds which they can take back to the workplace. If you’re tempted by any of the above activities, and want to see what Eventwise can do for your team bonds and workplace spirit, why not give us a call? As a top-notch provider of team building activities and events in London, we’re sure we can find something perfect for your needs!