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Unique Team Building Games Guaranteed to Motivate New Employees 2019

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It’s never easy being a new employee. It can sometimes feel like being the new kid at school; you haven’t quite figured out who everybody is yet, you’re not entirely sure of where you fit in, and you get a strong sense of the fact that you’re not yet seen as a verified member of the team. It’s something which usually passes in time, but that’s not to say that it isn’t tough while it lasts. 

Team leaders need to be careful that new employees don’t start feeling demotivated during this transition process, which is a very real danger which can have a lasting negative effect. One of the best ways of tackling this problem head-on is to organise some fun, interesting, and unusual team bonding games and motivational games for work, which involve encouraging new colleagues to get stuck in with their teammates, and for everyone to have fun together. With an inventive and outlandish office team building games, new employees have a chance to see their teammates in a different context, experience hierarchies being flattened, and have the opportunity to get a sense of the company culture in a more positive, more constructive way. Before long, they’ll find their feet and their confidence, and the bonding experiences which come about via a well-curated game or activity can make a significant and positive difference to the overall team dynamic.

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At Eventwise, we spend all of our time dreaming up exciting new team bonding games and activities, and thinking of how we can help teams bond in fascinating and original ways. We’ve helped countless teams in London come together for a truly great time, and we’ve seen first-hand how our motivational games for work team building activities really make a difference… no matter whether we’re hosting new employees, or groups which have been together for years.

In this blog, we’re going to be picking out five original, unique, and genuinely enjoyable team bonding games, that we think are going to be perfect for motivating any new employees in your group. These are all activities which have been carefully curated to ensure plenty of fun and lowered inhibitions, and which break the ice like a sledgehammer. If you’re concerned about a newbie in your team who isn’t quite yet feeling the team spirit, or who is struggling to find the confidence to get their voice heard, these are the games and activities for you!

Crime Scene: Investigation

This activity is perfectly suited for newer employees looking for their chance to shine, and taking the opportunity to bond with their teammates over some serious sleuthing! With the help of Scotland Yard professionals, team members must build up a bank of evidence by analysing a wide range of clues, before formulating a timeline of events and solving the crime.

It’s a fully immersive experience, and one which has proven to be enormously popular with corporate teams all across London. The Crime Scene: Investigation activity calls upon a wide range of analytic skills, lateral thinking, and teamwork to bring information together for a common goal. What’s more, it offers the opportunity to listen and learn from experts in their field, and use the information to pull together as a team and achieve a common goal. What could be better than that?

Crime scene

Superhero Challenge

Often, newer team members struggle to find the workplace bonds they need for success right away, and can really benefit from getting out of the office with their teammates for some quality fun and games. A superhero challenge, which involves a wide range of physical and mental activities, provides the perfect chance for all team members to come together, and cheer each other on as they tackle a series of tasks. It’s the ideal opportunity to push yourself further and harder than ever, and bring out your inner superhero while having a real laugh with your colleagues!


Wacky Wheels

Who else remembers sitting down on Saturday mornings to watch the riotous and funny escapades of Dick Dastardly, as he attempts to win the Wacky Races competitions? This brilliant activity allows team members in London to live out those childhood fantasies, and construct their own crazy vehicles, before racing each other and trying to be crowned champion!

The Wacky Wheels activity is a fantastic team bonding game, which involves strategy, skill, and working together to produce something really quite remarkable. Teammates will be able to use a wide range of materials and tools to build their own kart, openly communicating with each other to construct what they’ll need to win the race. There’s no chance to hang back and fade into the background in this activity, meaning newer team members simply have to get stuck in and show what they’re made of!

Wacky Wheels


Monopoly is a classic board game, which involves strategy, confidence, and chance, and requires a fairly ruthless sense of financial survival and tactics if you want to be the winner! At Eventwise, we never shy away from scaling things up a bit… and that’s how we dreamt up Successopoly; a mega-sized version of this family favourite, which guarantees to get everyone involved and having fun!

Not only will you have access to a supersized Monopoly board (and a giant dice to toss around the room too!), you’ll also have to pit their wits and skill against each other in two opposing teams, each doing all they can to gain the upper hand. Throw in some snazzy costumes, some fun forfeits for getting out of jail, and a massive treasure chest full of challenges, and you’ve got yourself a day away from the office that won’t be forgotten in a hurry! In order to succeed, each team will have to negotiate their tactics and work together to make their decisions, making this fun activity the perfect way to bond with newer team members.



Out in the wilderness, teamwork and team bonding are the keys to survival. In this adventurous and exciting activity day, you’ll be heading out with a survival expert who will teach you a range of new skills which will help you get by in the wild, and you’re sure to have an amazing day together doing something quite out of the ordinary.

OK – you’re not going to have to skin any wild animals, cook up an insect-based dinner, or drink anything unsavoury, but this fully-immersive team experience is one which proves time after time to have really lasting effects. When it comes to helping new team members find their confidence, bring their skill set out into the open, and enjoy a fun day out with their colleagues, this team building exercise really is hard to beat. Fresh air, new skills, great communication, and some time spent among the beauty of nature… it really is exactly what the doctor ordered!

Campers Walking

Team Bonding Games for Workplace Success

We’ve shown you just a small selection of motivational games for work, each of which we feel are ideal for bringing new employees into the heart of your team. Everyone has the potential to provide plenty of fun, lots of laughter, and no shortage of memorable moments, while also working on those key skills and abilities that help all teams tick along nicely. After all, that’s the way to forge those bonds which lead to greater team successes: getting out of the office, showing each other new sides of your personality, and understanding that by working together, truly incredible feats (from building a go-kart to becoming a superhero!) can be achieved.

At Eventwise, we’re deeply passionate about ensuring that the teams we work with end up enjoying a genuinely positive experience, that brings about real results back in the workplace. That’s why we never stop dreaming up big ideas for fun team building activities and events – often, the wackier the better! – and honing our skills and craft to make every single one as effective as possible. If you’re looking to strengthen the ties between your team members, improve communication, or pick up valuable and transferable new skills, we’re waiting to show you what we can do. Give us a call today, and bring some lasting team spirit back to your workplace!