London Conference Venues

Can't seem to find the right venue for your conference? We're here for you!

Our country faces an epidemic: it is overrun and over loaded with London conference venues from hotels to converted warehouse, to cubby holes, all claiming to be the perfect choice, so where do you start?

Don’t get overwhelmed. We’re here to help.

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With our expertise on London conference venues, you can’t get it wrong.

Our country faces an epidemic: it is overrun and over loaded with conference venues from hotels to converted warehouse, to cubby holes, all claiming to be the perfect choice, so where do you start? Don’t get overwhelmed.

We believe first impressions are pretty important. Therefore, we can help you choose something that packs a punch when it comes to the style of venue hire in London and your brand message, but also one that has the right facilities to make the most of your event.

We can help you

  • assess style,
  • locations,
  • set up times,
  • space for staging and back-projection
  • as well as your all important budget.

Conferences are all about communicating and we see no reason why that should be anything less than exhilarating.  We specialise in creating events that are career enhancing for all those who attend.


We got the details, so you can focus on the big picture

With years of experience under our belts, we at Eventwise have garnered a great sense of what works and what doesn’t. We have insider knowledge on things like which venues are closed for refurbishment and which looked far better in the photos than they do in real life. If you want some team building activities to break the ice, we can tell you what will be cringe worthy and what will be captivating.

We have meticulously put together an enticing selection of venues on our website for you to flick through to get you thinking about what is in store. We have tirelessly compiled lists that include everything from blank canvases, iconic and historic buildings to hi-tech sites. We run events in these venues day in and day out so are confident we could find you the perfect space as a starting point to create an inspiring city conference that will get delegates queuing round the blocks .

As we are part of The Concerto Group, we can offer you out of this world catering and an entourage of events specialists who can ensure your conference runs head and shoulders above the competition. We pride ourselves on our exciting, young and imaginative team that can organise conference team building activities, sublime four course dinners and entertainment that will keep attendees glued to their seats. By no means does your event have to be run of the mill. We also spend a while getting to know you and your company so we can put your brand’s message to the forefront of the whole affair.

From the classy to the unique

If you want to project an educational image, how about opting for the Museum of London? Recently refurbished in a £20 million transformation, London conference venue boasts a state of the art 220-seat purpose-built theatre, daytime conference spaces and an interactive media centre. New gallery spaces have been carefully designed that are available for hire for fine dining and conference drinks receptions and a tranquil city garden, ideal for summer parties. And of course there are opportunities to impress guests in the museum’s permanent galleries.

Providing a historic backdrop to entertaining, The Museum of London is the world’s largest urban history museum, dedicated to the story of London and its people.  There are rooms full of ancient artifacts that will interest everyone from the high flyers to the geeks. Where better to host an event of communication, learning and thought leadership?

Well, there may be one better place: have you considered the IMax cinema? Usually associated with blockbuster action and state of the art cinema,this venue hire makes a statement to all those lucky enough to receive an invitation. In a prime location at the heart of London, the IMAX is the perfect meeting place for those who desire a unique area for a reception, presentation or corporate event. A conference from anywhere between 20 to 480 people can be entertained within these iconic, spherical walls.

Despite being in the middle of the tumultuous Waterloo roundabout, you will be relieved to find that once indoors you are in an island of silence, insulated from traffic, tube and trains.

With space to butter up delegates with drinks receptions, this London conference venue also has all the necessary technology to project a new idea, launch a product or host a private meeting.

We want to take the weight off your shoulders when it comes to events organising so we can handle everything from canapes, to the logistics to the conference agendas. We have a team of great photographers on hand or if you feel like splashing out order in a videographer.

Our neat and easy to use video packages can be used to impress your boss as well as market next year’s equally ground breaking event.

We can also provide insurance to prepare for all eventualities, just in case an accountant goes a bit overboard on the alcohol or a delegate gets too excited from their latest deal.