Product Launches

There is only one first impression. We can make it last.

Your product launch event has the ability to make or break the success of your product. We believe it is vital that the event is executed with creativity, professionalism and expertise, which is why we are the ideal company to tell the world you are launching something special.

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We can deliver the best possible first impression to kickstart your product.

With us your product is in safe hands: we have worked with clients to design and deliver product launch events for cars, boats, oil drilling platforms, bridges, gas fields, buildings, films, phones, aircraft seats, shopping centres, TV channels, charities and PC software companies. Whatever you want to give the wow factor to, we can do it. Of course these have all been highly challenging projects, they have all been uniquely conceived and delivered, they have all been great fun and they have all been (according to our clients) highly successful.

Our inspired team of creatives and events professionals work tirelessly to understand your product, your brand message and the market you want to reach. Of course your product launch is unique, so while we can give you ideas, we want it to be like nothing seen before. Have a browse through our case studies to get your creative juices flowing and contact us with your brief to discuss how you can stop the press.

Bugaboo did just that at the South Bank event space, OXO2, for the launch of Bugaboo’s brand new ‘Bugaboo Bee’ pushchair. The product launch event was a star-studded affair, attended by TV legend Martine McCutcheon and other famous guests.


We pampered attendees with Prosecco and enticed them with a carefully selected street food style menu as they took in incredible views of London from this gallery-style location. Guests attention was then brought inwards as the venue itself had been transformed from a blank canvas into a city with innovative vinyl designs and road signs – ideal for testing out pushchairs ready for the real world.

As Processo wouldn’t have gone down well with all attendees we painted the faces of our youngest guests to make sure they all felt like VIPS. Then creativity ran wild as kids designed their own bags. Adults were allowed to try and test the new Bugaboo model, the latest in a line of high-end and much sought after pushchairs from the Dutch company.

guess product launch event in London

And as we believe that children of all ages should be able to play, we produced another show stopping product launch event. The OXO2 had another make over as the talented staff at Eventwise created a gamers’ paradise for one day only, as it hosted Activision, a video game publisher, for the launch of the new Playstation game Destiny.

The daytime event was attended by renowned YouTubers and bloggers, who were invited to face their destiny by making their first attempts at the new game. The east side of the venue was set up for a day of gaming, with 30 console stations fully equipped for guests to battle with (virtual) death with their new toy.

After a day of testing fate, every gamer won as they were treated to an sumptuous evening reception. The evening reception was attended by 350 people including celebrities and well-known media figures. Catering was provided by OXO2’s in-house chefs, keeping guests fuelled until the clock struck midnight. Rather than having their carriages turned into pumpkins, gamers’ creditcards took the blow instead, as the game officially went on sale.

Speaking of credit, there’s another launch we are quite proud of: despite Societe Generale being the largest bank in France and the third largest corporate and investment bank in the euro zone by net banking income, it is not that well known in the UK. Our brief was to raise brand awareness and promote the company’s new product – the UK Warrant. So, we invited the UK to hop on board. We acquired and converted a routemaster bus and travelled to all the key financial districts in the country. We pumped out pre-event PR to herald our arrival and invited people on board for a one-on-one presentation. We also indulged lucky members of the press, brokers and important individuals in local hotels as we hosted short presentations. There was no tangible measurement of the return on investment made, however, we have been reliably informed that the sales of UK Warrants increased by 26% largely due to this campaign.

Let Concerto orchestrate it!

As we are part of The Concerto Group we have access to over 120 full time events experts, which no other company in the events industry can offer. Being part of a larger group has also allows us to invest in other areas of our business, such as health and safety and corporate social responsibility (CSR).