Whodunit? Find Out During a Team Building Murder Mystery Event

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From watching big-budget Hollywood thrillers to playing Cluedo as kids, and from the pervasive popularity of Sherlock Holmes to the appeal of true crime documentaries, it’s fair to say that most of us have a macabre fascination with murder mysteries and deduction. As such, what better team building exercises for engineers could there be than a murder mystery event - especially one which involves a number of transferable skills that can be taken back to the workplace.

Here at Eventwise, we absolutely love reworking classic exercises and games, and making them perfect for improving team working and team dynamics for companies across London and the UK. When it comes to murder mysteries and other dynamic, fun, and fascinating events which achieve this goal, we’ve got a fantastic range for you to choose from, each of which have been curated with teams just like yours in mind.

While there are undoubtedly a wide range of great reasons to take your team members on a murder mystery away day, or one of our other mysterious and involving events, one of the most important is also one of the simplest: they allow your colleagues and team members to simply enjoy doing something completely out of the ordinary away from the workplace, and have a memorable day out as a team. Our events will also get them working on building those bonds of trust and friendship, and exploring new skills and abilities in an innovative and creative environment. Time after time, we’ve seen these activities bring about impressive results… and there are always plenty of surprises in store for the teams, ensuring an unforgettable day out of the office!

We take a huge amount of pride in our activities, and we’re especially fond of our murder mystery and true crime-inspired events. As such, we’ve put together this brief list of our all-time favourite nine murder mystery team building games for you to look through. Read on… if you dare!

Murder Mystery

This fun and unusual activity starts off innocently enough, with a sophisticated drinks reception where nothing seems out of the ordinary. However, something wicked lurks beneath the surface, and once the grisly murder has been committed and the detectives arrive, it’s time to pay close attention to the clues which arise, listen the characters’ alibis and motives, and use all of your deducting skills to uncover the vicious killer in your midsts!

Crime and Dine

Combining a sophisticated dinner with a classic murder mystery game, Crime and Dine is the perfect murder mystery corporate team building event that’s sure to fascinate and entertain from the first moment to the last. The CEO of Buckley Casino has been brutally murdered, and following his discovery, your team members will be taken through the different stages of the investigation while doing some sleuthing of their own. Involving a number of classic detective methods and approaches, it’s a truly involving event which will test your team’s problem solving and logic skills to the max!


Ever wanted to find out how top detectives work when it comes to solving a kidnapping case, or resolving a hostage situation? This fascinating and unusual team building exercise drops your team members in the heart of the action, as they race against the clock to solve clues, discover the location of the hostage, and work out how to get them freed safely. They’ll need to work together and communicate clearly, while picking up new skills based around hostage negotiation and decoding evidence. It’s a truly memorable day out, and one which will undoubtedly be talked about for months afterwards!


When it comes to activities which require new skills to be learned quickly and efficiently, and utilised to truly breathtaking effect, this one really does tick all the right boxes. Your team members will be given a crash course in covert surveillance by an expert trainer, before gathering intelligence on a target, and hunting them in secret using the abilities they’ve just acquired. Endlessly fascinating, deeply involving, and a team building activity quite unlike any other. 


There’s no doubt about the fact that being a bodyguard of a top celebrity, member of royalty, or world leader is one of the most challenging jobs in the world. This experience allows your team members to see if they have what it takes to be a real bodyguard, and they’ll learn several of the key skills this challenging role requires. From covert surveillance to martial arts to sharp shooting, this incredible expert-led experience really is one that your team members will massively benefit from partaking in, and it’s truly a day out to remember!

Escape Room

If your team members are of a certain age, then they’ll have fond memories of the point-and-click computer games of the early nineties, which involved looking for clues and using creativity and initiative to complete set objectives. Escape Rooms turned these virtual games into real-life activities, and when it comes to team working events designed to test logic, innovative and lateral thinking, and staying cool under pressure, they’re truly hard to beat. With the clock ticking and the adrenaline pumping, will your team members be able to escape to freedom?


In the late 19th century, the murky streets of East London were haunted by the most notorious serial killer the city has ever witnessed: the elusive and bloodthirsty Jack the Ripper. This popular eventwise activity takes your team members on a tour of the killer’s gruesome murder locations, and armed with an iPad, they’ll have to solve clues, complete tasks, and take photos as they explore the nooks and crannies of the East End. Finished off with some drinks and a great get-together, it’s a truly fascinating and unusual day out your team will undoubtedly love.

Crime Scene Investigation

Have you ever wanted to be a real detective for the day? Our Crime Scene: Investigation event is possibly the closest you’ll get to living out this fantasy, as you and your team members will be trained by experts who will take you through a wide range of professional CSI skills. From fingerprinting to DNA analysis, and collecting witness statements and looking for other clues, your team members will have to engage their minds in new ways to solve a crime, and work together as a team to reach a conclusion on who they think the killer is!

Go Crazy in the Country

Looking for a team building exercise which combines the best parts of a murder mystery event with an array of other games, challenges, and activities? Your search may have just ended. Go Crazy in the Country brings together a treasure hunt, a murder mystery game, physical and mental challenges, and a photo-taking mission. Produce the ultimate day out for team building purposes, and one which will surely leave your team members buzzing with excitement about working together on their next project. By working together, gathering evidence, and pooling their talents and resources, your team will be able to achieve amazing things with this superb activity that really goes the extra mile!

Murder Mystery Team Building Games That Bring Real Results

While these activities undoubtedly revel in the darker side of life, there’s no getting away from the fact that they’re incredibly good fun to get involved with, and they’re absolutely brilliant for bolstering all those key skills of team working, creative thinking, delegation, and leadership. Over the years we’ve been running these events, we’ve never stopped being impressed by the results they bring, and we have absolute confidence that you’ll feel exactly the same once the day’s wrapped up and the games have ended.

By consistently innovating, and by reimagining what team building exercises can and should be, Eventwise has become a genuine industry leader that’s taking the events sector to new heights of excitement and creativity. That’s why we’re considered the best of the best - so why not get in touch today and see what we can do for you?