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Why You Should Host a Team Building Event in January

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The end of the year is full of holiday festivities, family gatherings and friendly cheer. It can be normal to experience a bit of sadness and stress as the new year approaches, because it will be back to work and back to our busy lives again. Hosting a team building event in January for your company might be a smart idea to consider because it can help boost employee morale, increase motivation and get everyone back on the right track towards their goals.

Team building events will give your employees something to look forward to rather than focusing on the anti-climax of the holidays.

What is team building?

Team building activities are used in order to enhance social relations and define individual roles within teams. More specifically, team building involves collaborative tasks that encourage communication, working together, defining goals, solving existing issues and better understanding ourselves.

Why is it important?

Hosting team building events for your employees can be extremely beneficial to long term company success for many reasons. Most importantly, it teaches your employees how to communicate effectively with one another which helps businesses run smoothly. Team building exercises also teach your employees how to solve problems and figure out solutions together in a collaborative environment. This is important because your front line employees are going to be the ones to handle glitches and problems when they arise and if they cannot work together, your business will suffer because of it.

Team building is also important because it teaches your employees more about themselves and this helps to boost their own confidence and productivity. Because team building exercises are designed by nature to make participants feel some sort of accomplishment afterward. Ideally, your employees will feel empowered when the event is over. Happy employees will lead to a productive work environment.

How to Plan Activities

When planning your team building activities keep in mind that you need to create activities that will stimulate your employee mentally, physically and creatively. After the event is over, you want them to leave feeling refreshed and excited about starting the new year.

The whole point is to plan activities that will require everyone to participate and will give them an opportunity to feel like they accomplished something. Sport, memory or puzzle type games are always a good place to start. And remember, you don’t have to have a huge budget to host a successful team building event, what’s important is that everyone comes together and has a good time.

Our favourite Team Building Events for the New Year

With the weather a little on the chilly side in January we’d recommend indoor challenges. Here are a few of our favourites:
Disco Dodgeball 
Disco Dodgeball

The Detective Challenge 
The Detective Challenge 


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