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Wildest Christmas Party Stories

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We all know that everyone likes to blow off a little steam towards the end of the year! Shake off the past year’s stress, with the aspiration of a fresh start in the New Year – what happens in 2018 stays in 2018, right?

As event managers, we have seen our fair share of memorable, or not so memorable for some, Christmas events. We decided to share with you our wildest Christmas party stories.

My funniest Christmas party memory was watching the CEO of my client’s company jump on the bucking reindeer. He was determined to beat the record time, which was held by the CFO. The competition was fierce and absolutely hilarious! The best part was watching the two men battle it out to become the best bucking cowboy!



My wildest Christmas party story was watching my director bust some serious dad dance moves on the dancefloor, at our end of year Christmas party. He even attempted to do the splits and, unfortunately, split his trousers in the process. OUCH!


My most memorable Christmas party mishap was when the lead organiser on our event, asked our comedian host to go as “out there” as possible! Unfortunately, the group were from overseas and didn’t find it funny at all. All the jokes were lost in translation!

Well there are some stories we still laugh at and some we just cringe! We have learned some lessons along the way – attempting the splits is never a good idea! Share your wildest Christmas party stories with us!