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‘Your Company’s Got Talent!’

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Our unique ‘Your Company’s’ GOT TALENT show will astound and astonish, amaze and enthral as we bring to the stage the very best talent that lurks throughout your organisation. We’ll bring them to centre stage, train them and then give them their five minutes of fame.

But this isn’t simply a show, it’s a personal development programme as our team of entertainment specialists will work with your nominated individuals throughout the year to train, rehearse, guide and mentor them so that we make the very most of the existing talents that they have and deliver them to the stage as truly great performers that will amaze the watching audience.

At the beginning of the process we will issue a call for entries across the business for any employees who believe they have an outstanding talent to enter the ‘Your Company’s’ Got Talent’ process and give themselves the chance of winning £5,000 (or any other prize tbc).

Upon receipt of the nominations / entries our team of talent spotters will convene and conduct a series of auditions at which employees will be invited to strut their stuff and show the panel exactly what they can do. This will in turn lead to the chance for entrants to progress through to the final auditions that will be held in London (tbc) in three months later.

From the final audition we will select the best 7 or 8 acts who will go on to the ‘Your Company’s Got Talent’ development programme which will prepare them for their performance at the summer ball in front of their colleagues.

Our panel of performance experts will select a varied mix of performances and talents mindful of putting together a full and interesting show and providing as much audience engagement as possible.

On the pre-determined event date, the stage will be set and as part of the evenings entertainment the ‘Your Company’s Got Talent’ show will be staged. Ideally the show would be hosted by a recognised celebrity such as Kat Deeley, Tess Daly, Paul Ross, Denise Van Outen, David Grant, Vernon Kay or Les Dennis. But if the budget for a high profile personality was not available, then one of our trained MC’s could host the evening equally well.

Each of the performers will have their chance to wow the audience with full lighting, sound, staging and if appropriate live band support. As the performances take place they will be filmed and simultaneously broadcast onto giant screen either side of the stage, and a live edit will be being put together which will be shown at the voting stage.

A panel of three judges will be convened either from company’s executives or from our talent spotting panel and they will be seated in true TV style on a separate podium and will be asked to comment in turn on each performance before issuing their marks.

All audience members will be issued with an interactive vote pads and the marks of the judges will be combined with the marks awarded by the audience to arrive at an overall winner and runner up.

This unique show will be unlike anything that your audience will have seen before and they’ll shout and scream as they encourage their colleagues on stage. ‘Your Company’s Got Talent’ will deliver a true celebration of the remarkable talent, individuality and diversity that lies within your organisation and could provide a platform for a more diverse personal development programme in the future.